“Miracles Everywhere”

Throughout Scripture and in our lives, God is always at work. A miracle doesn’t have to be a huge moment; we can shift our perspective to see that miracles are happening all around us. May we all take this miracle journey together.

 From OUR Pastor

From OUR Pastor

Summer is quickly coming to an end and fall is approaching. We have had a wonderful summer at Chews with a great deal of ministry and community outreach. God has much in store for us as we begin ministries again and develop new outreach to our community and the world.

Please take note of the activities/ministries listed in this edition of the Mouse. In addition, we will be developing new small groups within and without and without the church campus. More information will follow. Please contact Janine Flint at janine@chewsumc.com or by phone at (856)217-9176 with any ideas and suggestions you might be able to offer. Our goal is to begin at least 5 new small groups this fall.

I would like to challenge each one of you to take your discipleship seriously and to become more involved in the growing ministries of Chews. Consider this amazing story about J. Oswald Sanders and what God did with him at the age of 50:

Before J. Oswald Sanders was fifty, he had arthritis so bad that he could hardly get out of bed. He could have taken a nice retirement. Instead, he entered the most productive years of his life. 

At age fifty, he left a prosperous career as an attorney in New Zealand to lead the China Inland Mission (now Overseas Missionary Fellowship). After several years of leading the mission, he retired, only to take on the directorship of a Christian college. Then he retired again.

As a two-time widower, he certainly deserved a rest. But rather than taking it easy, he accelerated, spending his last twenty years speaking around the world more than three hundred times per year. His respect grew even though he never sought the limelight or tried to maintain his position. He was almost ninety when he died ~ Jerry White, Dangers Men Face (NavPress 1997)

Looking forward to engaging in ministry with you throughout the year ahead.

In His Service,
Pastor Bill


“Healing Where It Hurts”

July 19 “When You Need a Life-changing Moment” Luke 19:2-9

August 16 “When You Have Spiritual Cataracts” Matthew 6:22-23

August 23 “When You Must Face a Giant” 1 Samuel 17:37-40

August 30 “When You Feel Inadequate” John 6:8-13

September 6 “When You Have Swallowed Spiritual Poison” Mark 7:14-23


Summer Sermon Series
09/16 — 10/14

September 9 “Second Chances” Matthew 4:18-22 | John 21:15-22

September 23 "Miracles Everywhere: Shift" Psalm 77:11-15

September 30 "Miracles Everywhere: Unbelievable" John 11:38-45

October 7 "Miracles Everywhere: Courage" Esther 8:1-8

October 14 "Miracles Everywhere: Tangible" Mark 8:22-25


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