Breaking Bad

We all have bad habits. Our culture is filled with them. It is hard to begin even to mention all of them and might be surprised to know Jesus had bad habits. Dr. Leonard Sweet, in his book “The Bad Habits of Jesus,” reveals some habits the people in Jesus’ time considered bad. Examples are spitting, procrastinating, wastefulness, courting danger, partying, and more. Many people had a lot to say about Jesus’ behavior. Join us as we consider what the bad habits of Jesus have to teach us for today’s living.


Happiness Is…
If only I could lose weight, get the job, buy a house, marry the person of my dreams, win the lottery, retire soon—I could be truly happy! Couldn’t I? All too often, happiness seems to be beyond our reach. How do we find lasting happiness in our lives? Maybe the answer isn’t in our own lives at all. Rev. Matt Miofsky, lead pastor The Gathering UMC in St. Louis, MO, works through these questions in his book, “Happy? What It Is and How To Find It.” Through the season of Easter, we will be considering these questions in light of what Scripture shares with us.

Series Dates / Sermons

  • February 25 "Jesus Wasteful?" Luke 16:1-13 | Matthew 15:32-39
  • March 4th "Let’s Party!" Psalm 16:11 | Matthew 11:7-19
  • March 11th "Jesus Loves the Little Children" Matthew 19:13-15 | Isaiah 46:3-4
  • March 18th "Jesus Was a Rule Breaker" Mark 2:23-3:6
  • April 15th "Is Happiness Possible?" Ecclesiastes 1:3-8 | 2:1-3, 10, 18-189, 22-23, 5:10-11, 15
  • April 22nd "The Gift of Forgiveness" Exodus 32:9-10 | 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 | Matthew 10:38-39, 18:21-22, 5:43-47
  • April 29th "Happiness Beyond Circumstances" Philippians 4:4-7, 11-13
  • May 6th "Happiness Is a Gift" Isaiah 55:8-9 | Luke 9:23-24 | John 10:10