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Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we enter into the fall season, with our various ministries beginning anew, we are reminded of our call to “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:18-20) This is our call, our mission, and our purpose as a church of Jesus Christ. Along with this special call, we have the promise that Jesus shared with his disciples, “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Please note throughout this edition of the Mouse, the many ministries in which we are sharing. Chews is a vital, missional church seeking to fulfill the mission which He has called us to fulfill.

Thank you for being a part of the mission team. Everyone is a valuable part of our mission. If you are not currently involved, we would love for you to become an active part of it.

We praise God for the wonderful blessing of Camp Chews this summer. Countless numbers of people gave their time, talents and financial gifts to make this endeavor a real success. I continue to hear about the joy and excitement of this Missional Event. I am also thrilled that we are receiving helpful and constructive ideas for improving the camp next year. Mark your calendars for August 3-7, 2020 for the second year of Camp Chews.

Wishing everyone a blessed fall and an exciting time of ministry., Please feel free to let me know of any needs or concerns within our community of faith. God bless you and keep you

Love always,

Pastor Bill



“Hit the Road”

  • August 18 “It’s Time to Hit the Road” Matthew 28:16-20

  • August 25 “Life is Worth Stopping For” Acts 2:1-4

  • September 1 “Life Includes U-Turns” Acts 9:1-6

  • September 15 “Roads Less Traveled” Luke 10:25-37

  • September 22 “Heading Home” Luke 15:11-32



”Ghost Stories from the Bible”

In recent time, Halloween has become one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Stores are filled with candy, decorations, and party goods for the celebration of Halloween. It is hard to escape its influence on our culture today. Rather than avoid or ban Halloween as a church, we can remember that Jesus Christ is the light in the darkness, and God tells us: “Do not be afraid.”

  • October 5 “Things That Go Bump in the Night” John 1:4-5

  • October 13 “Ghost Sightings” Mark 6:45-52

  • October 27 “Creepy Happenings” Daniel 5:17-30


Pastor Bill will be preaching a bridge sermon on Sunday, September 29th between his two-sermon series. The title of the sermon is “Beauty and the Beast” and will draw from Esther 7:1-6, 9-10; and Esther 9:20-22. We hope you will join us

Month of Sundays

  • September 1 — Labor Day worship with the blessing of school bags, students and teachers

  • September 8 — Unified worship with the Sacrament of Communion with Rev. Dr. Jana Purkis-Brash preaching

  • September 15 — Return to our Fall schedule:

    8:30 AM Traditional Worship

    9:30 AM Contemporary Worship

    9:30 AM Sunday School

    11:00 AM Traditional Worship

  • September 22 — Sacrament of Baptism

  • September 29 — Reception of our adult membership class

  • October 6 — World-Wide Communion Sunday

  • October 20 — Laity Sunday, with Beth Connolly and Jennifer Corradetti sharing the message of the day

  • October 27 — Sacrament of Baptism

Please see the church websites events calendar to keep up to date on the many activities within the church.

“Healing Where It Hurts”


Chews in the Park begins on June 20 at 6:30 PM. Chews in the Park will be gathering at Timber Creek Dog Park on Chews Landing Road. The services are held weekly on Thursday Evenings at 6:30 PM in the amphitheater in the woods. The service will continue through September 5th with two exceptions. There will be no Chews in the Park July 4 and August 8. We will gather together for worship at Camp Chews on our campus. Don’t miss the opportunity to worship God in the beauty of his creation.

ChewsInThePark (1).png

Remind For Information

Recently the church has set up an informational texting system to relay information to the congregation. This system will be used to notify people of the need to move the Thursday night service indoors and other things we need to get the word out. It is easy to sign up. On you cell phone, text @636g4g to the “phone number” 81010. Pastor Bill, Emma or Janine will be sending out the Remind messages. You can respond to a message, and it will only be seen by us, not the entire group. If you have any questions, please see Janine.

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