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”Ghost Stories from the Bible”

In recent time, Halloween has become one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Stores are filled with candy, decorations, and party goods for the celebration of Halloween. It is hard to escape its influence on our culture today. Rather than avoid or ban Halloween as a church, we can remember that Jesus Christ is the light in the darkness, and God tells us: “Do not be afraid.”

  • October 27 “Creepy Happenings” Daniel 5:17-30



More details will follow in upcoming bulletins for our special services of the upcoming Advent and Christmas Season.

  • November 17 — 4:00 PM: Special Concert by the Dulcet Guitar Duo in the Sanctuary

  • November 27 — 7:30 PM: Ecumenical Thanksgiving Eve Service with a group choir from 4 churches

  • December 7 — 7:30 PM: Christmas Musical Evening with Maria & Gary. 6:00 PM Covered Dish preceding

  • December 15 — 5:00 PM: Our Yearly Children’s Christmas Production

  • December 21 — 7:00 PM: Blue Christmas Service

  • December 24 — 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM & 11:00 PM: Christmas Eve Services. Family service with Glowsticks at 4 and candle lighting services at 7 & 11

  • December 29 — 10:00 AM Unified Christmas Worship

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